Wednesday, July 8, 2009

To be or not to be, What is the price?!

Islamic republic of Iran's government made an utterly hopeless future for the country by rigging the presidential election or as what people say, holding an electoral selection!

The tragic outcome of the election made for a simultaneous raising anger in people and, for the first time after the revolution, the government encountered a stiff opposition from the people who were protesting in the streets of Tehran. Now, after 3 weeks, the authorities have taken the control of the streets by arresting scores of demonstrators and opening fire on innocent people.

The question is “Is that the end?”. Iran's society has shown that there is no place for autocratic leadership style in this country any more although for more than 2500 years Iran had been under control of too many dictatorial regimes.

People, whose right of freedom has been denied, are expressing their revulsion by chanting “allah-o-akbar” every night, even in the brutal suppression of the militia. It seems that people are coming down on this government.

The Iranian governors are making a fatal mistake by subduing people and they will pay for it in future. Right now, the majority of people feel nothing but a deep loathing of the governors which is not something that a supposed democratic country can be proud of.

At the end, the price for insatiable appetite of government for power will bring down nothing on our society but being left behind in the rapid progression of the new world and everyone, even the governors, will be compromised.


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