Monday, February 9, 2009

What animals can teach humans?!

Basically, human have been taught by nature since stone age! most of the inventions have gave their main idea from nature, and especially from animals. for instance, the main idea of helicopter came from Dragonfly or even the ambition of flying came from birds. so, during the history human has been observing the nature and use it to improve their life.

Beside physical thing, we can also learn how to live from animals. I believe that because they live instinctively and they get this instinct from God they have the best living method for themselves and we can learn them. for example, we can learn team work and social living from ants and also we can study animal life style and learn from their marital relationship, friendship, leadership, obeying, an so on.
in whole, I think that human can learn lots of thing just from their surround and the nature of the earth. and there are still lots of things that we don't know how they work and also maybe there are a lot of unexplored things that we don't even know that they are exist in this world!