Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mysterious Forces but NO Free Will!

An Impressionistic review of Bruce Almighty
By: Leila Moslemi (
I never accept with the idea of free will in human's life. Sometimes I can exactly feel that my life is surrounded by some mysterious forces. This force might be God, prophet, angels or anything .I am not sure what it is but I can sense that. I feel that I am under the ideology of God as the almighty. His ideology is an strange one to me. I never want to oppose with God but sometimes his justice becomes sth strange to me. "If you want a miracle, try to be a miracle", this is what the movie says as a theme. But in real life do you really sense that? You do sth good but sth bad or extremely bad happens to you. How do you justify God then? You make others happy but do you feel happy in the deep part of your heart? I am sure that the answer is NO. we expect health for a child who is under the pain of cancer and death happens to him. We believe in miracle when we see miracle, When it is tangible for us just for once in our life.
We wish sth and we pray God,
we pray night and day,
we believe in his almightiness,
we believe in his power,
we believe in his kindness,
we believe that he is listening,
we believe that if we want him by heart and soul
he will answer.
We try our best to be a good human
We try and believe and pray.
We wait for an answer, for a clue.
But what happens when all these beliefs becomes an illusion in a second? When God neglects you exactly at the time you are waiting for him? You are trusting and waiting and waiting and waiting. but  the answer is NO. even God becomes an illusion himself, his power, his almightiness, his gracefulness, his kindness, his ….
Oh God I know I am talking bullshits but I know you are listening.
Don't let me even your justice becomes an illusion in my soul.
Don't let me talk about you in this way as if you are not GREAT.