Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Glamor of Desert (part 1)

Although this is my third time traveling to Yazd, this time, flying to the city, I can see a large picture of Yazd for the first time, which is nothing but a city in the heart of desert!

It has just turned midday. we are landing in Yazd Shahid Sadooghi Airport after almost one hour flight, departed from Tehran. Naturally, The weather is hot and not likely to change in the near future, which can be easily understood by looking at the clear sky. however, the night predictably will be freezing cold. Going on lots of journeys to south of Iran , these features of desert is not strange to me but for my grandparents, not having so many traveling experience, these are far beyond their belief.

Lifting our luggage from the conveyor belt, I call my friend Hadi, who is recently graduated in architecture from Yazd University. Luckily, he still lives here with his wife although he has been planning to go back to Tehran since he finished university. By the time we step out of the airport's hall, I see him parking his car and coming towards us, having a big smile on his face; “I missed you a lot” he says, giving me a big hug. I introduce him to my grandparents and aunt, as he helps me carry our luggage into his car.

In order to get to our hotel, we should pass through the city to the other side. Hadi, who is usually forthcoming about history especially when he is in his own home town, is talking about different places in the city as we pass by and my grandmother, being very keen on history, is listening to him attentively while I am trying to figure out what we are going to do next.

Approaching Safaiyeh Hotel, he is carefully explaining hotel's history to his only listener, my grandma; “It used to have only one ancient building until they built a new one to improve hotel accommodation three years ago”. As it is the low season, the old building is unavailable and besides, we have already reserved the rooms before leaving Tehran.

I am unloading the luggage from his car's trunk while my aunt is checking in and he is still talking to my grandma, Hoping we don't face any problem with my talkative friend in the next few days.

(To be continued . . .)

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  1. have u taken these photos by yourself? it seems u r a professional photographer if they r yours. you are narrating good but u have used long sentences.but it doesn't mean bad anyhow.