Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dream Holiday

After industrial revolution, having invented the aircraft, people, being tired from their intensive day-to-day work in the new age, started going on farther journeys, seeking their dream holiday!

As a traveler, I would go somewhere in which they can speak English rather than places where I might have problems with communication. Considering the small number of English speaking countries, under no circumstances do I dare to go on a journey as a traveler; as a matter of fact, traveling in tour seems to me more reasonable and safer.

Since I have not traveled abroad a lot, I am extremely intrigued to know different nations and cultures; in fact, traveling to any place in the world would satisfy my insatiable curiosity. However, if I had to select somewhere, I would go for Africa for their spectacular wildlife and South America for it's loving peoples.

Inasmuch as I don't feel comfortable with crowded places, which is because I am a private person, I don't usually choose high season to go on holiday. On the contrary, I would like to go on journey in low season, which, besides being cheaper, is much more pleasurable.

Having an introvert personality, I am not that kind of adventure lover person; therefore I usually spend my time resting and observing the beauty of nature; in other words, being exhausted of daily hard work, I prefer a relaxing holiday to an exhilarating weary one.

To sum up, possible as it is, it wouldn't be a dream holiday if everyone could have it!. Nevertheless, I, working my fingers to the bone, optimistically, have set my sight on my dream holiday!

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