Sunday, May 17, 2009

Role model!

Generally, I can't say that I have particular role model in my life, i.e. I think everyone has advantages and disadvantages and we can't totally follow someone's personality and manner without thinking through it.
I always try to have a deep-look through everything and see the dark side of people, and then I distinguish good and bad based on my own understanding and observation.
But somehow it is inevitable to have an icon. you may find someone who has the most similarity with what you consider as your purpose. in these cases you may directly or indirectly be under their influence.
Personally, one of my high school teachers has the most influence on me. as a teenager he was the image of everything that I wanted to be and I can say he shaped part of my personality in my youth. for example, he was an easy-going and clean-living person and he thought me how control my surroundings without having stress and cheating. in addition, I have learned to be frank without bothering others and because of this I am so grateful of him.
To sum up, like everybody else, i have been under influence of the people I had relation, but the point is, I always choose what to accept and what to reject because I value myself.

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