Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Road Rage

Seldom have I been in so many rages. However, I believe that you shouldn't pull out your gun and if you do, you will have no other choice but shooting it! I have seen many people who didn't have the heart to get engaged in a rage but they did! Because of what they call temporary insanity. And after the rage was over they had only regret about what they had done.

It is my considered opinion that industrial age, and modern lifestyle cause people to lose their temper easily. It is hardly surprising that people can not control themselves, because of stressful jobs heavy pressures of nowadays lifestyle. Sometimes only by being calm and a bit selflessness do they stand a chance of not getting involved in stupid rages.

Once I saw a road rage when I was driving. This young guy was driving so fast and maneuvering in highway between cars. He was driving so closed to the other cars so that he had a lot of fun. But he caused irritation for the others.
Not since an old man complained have I seen such a rude and disrespectful manner. The young fellow gave the man his finger while he was holding his left arm in the air out of the car window. It was enough to make a carefree person mad, let alone a respectable decent old man.

Surprisingly, the old guy did not take it slightly! And sped up chasing the young man. So there they were, racing in the highway, disturbing the other drivers, shouting and insulting about and nerving themselves for the road rage! In my view, on no circumstances did they have the right to mess the highway up and the young guy was the main culprit of this messy situation.

Finally, the old man stopped the fellow by rubbing his car to the young guy's. And they continued their foolishness out of their cars, rowing about nothing! People, who had been watching this happening, mostly stopped by to enjoy a nice rage! careless of the volume of traffic increasing at their back. Fortunately, by then, I had passed them without getting stuck in the traffic jam. But I kept asking myself “should it have happened?!!”.

Sometimes we do something we shouldn't. Sometimes we don't have the heart to accept the consequences of what we have done. Sometimes we are too proud to apologize. Sometimes we just talk about dignity!
Never should we forget that we are human and we are given something that distinguishes us from animals and that is the brain and the power of thinking. It is about time we started reconsidering our manners towards each other!

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