Monday, May 18, 2009


As I opened my eyes I was floating in the sky 12,000ft above nothing but air. Then I barely saw a man who seemed both absolutely shocked and sophisticated. I don't know if he hadn't been there would I be alive now? That is the question I keep asking myself these days.

I suddenly remembered that he was my parachuting instructor and a moment before I woke up, I had parachuted into the air. But apparently I fainted and that was the reason my instructor was shocked. He must have felt worried about me.

I can't exactly say what was my feeling at that time. Happy, grateful, excited, regretful, anxious. In one word I had mixed feelings. That was what I wanted whole of my life, parachuting I mean, but not in this way! I wished I could have stopped that from happening. For the first time, I wished I'd had nightmare! But it seemed wishing was only wasting my time. “you should do something” I said to myself, “pull yourself together”.

I soon realized that the instructor was trying to tell me the same thing. So I decided to follow his hints. First I steadied myself in the air and tried to slow down into the air. Then when it was time, the instructor opened my chute up. And There and then I realized what a nice experience could be a perfect jumping out of a plane. I'd had lots of flying experience before but none of them can even compare with this.

The spectacular view was the first thing I saw after I had my chute opened. I couldn't imagine a beauty like this. Mountains all around the lake and green forest between them and a fantastic view of land where beauty I couldn't see before. Everything was marvelous until I started thinking of landing! I had no idea how to land on my own feet! Then I remembered instructor and our class before jumping. Ironically, I couldn't remember any useful information about landing. “but, you still have him right here, don't you?” I said to myself. This time I felt real fear. And when I stared thinking of landing on my feet, at the same time, I felt pain in them!

The instructor grabbed me and showed me his thumb to say that everything will be all right. But I couldn't get rid of this deep-seated fear. Then he took control of chute, using it's rope. He guided us to a flat land beside the lake. Every centimeter closer to the ground, I felt as if I was going to die. I kept my fingers crossed and started praying to God. Now I know that, as a general rule of thumb, I am not the most appropriate person for parachuting! You should be a brave one if you want to try it. Just before we hit the ground he pulled a rope and we suddenly slowed down. It made the landing much easier than what I expected. What a relief!

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