Friday, September 4, 2009

The Glamor of Desert (part 2)

Being an octogenarian, my grandparents can't function like they did in their youth and since we are here to provide my grandparents and my aunt's parents with an enjoyable holiday, things are a bit different!
We spent the last night at hotel, watching television, crunching chips and drinking soda instead of going out and I don't think we can stay out of hotel for more than two hours.
Today, we are going to visit Jame mosque of Yazd one of the most famous ancient monuments in Iran. In comparison with Jame mosque of Isfahan, constructing Jame mosque of Yazd took a longer period of time mostly because this mosque was founded by people; on the contrary, Jame mosque of Isfahan was founded by Shah Abbas the Great.
As we step into the mosque, Hadi, starts enlightening us about the building! Although this is not my first visit, there are still new things to learn. This time, having an architect as a tour guide, we try to focus on the building itself, rather than receiving some historical information like other tourists.
One of the most important parts of each mosque is the dome, or in Persian architecture, Gonbad. “Jame mosque of Yazd is famed for its double layered brick dome” says Hadi. “the proportion of radius to hight is more then usual and it makes this Gonbad, especially the lower layer, unique in the world”. The distance between the two domes is two meters which means you can walk upright between them!
The very first question comes to your mind is why they built it double layered? “It has lots of aesthetics reasons” Hadi answers. “the outer dome has civic scale; however, the inner dome has human scale”. Besides that, it makes it adiabatic. Just imagine how horrible it would be if it was only one big or one small dome.As we are strolling about, discussing different aspects of building, people, who couldn't find a tour guide for themselves, gather round us to listen to what Hadi is saying. As more people come, my old friend, being fond of having audience, talks with more fervor and it seems unlikely that he is going to give up so easily!


  1. i really enjoy the photos of yazd . they r professional ones. and yr writing is excellent

  2. Fantastic pictures! I really like it!

  3. I would just change the sentence:

    1.Although this is not my first visit, there are still new things to be known

    1. Although this is not my first visit, there are still new things to learn.

    And be careful with big words! Very often we, non-native speakers use them incorrectly so that even a grammatically correct sentence sounds awkward to a native-speaker ear.