Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dear God If You Didn't Create Me ….

By: Leila Moslemi (

We have been created, so WE are important.

Eventually he opened his eyes to this world,

Happy of being born,

And shocked of seeing all the beauty on the earth.

He began to leap.

He rolled over flowers, climbed up the trees,

Laid on sea waves, leaped and screamed: Hey I'm here,

It's me, Oxygen. Hey, hey … but …

But nothing moved and no voice was heard.

He wondered and said with a lower voice:

Hey you, trees! Flowers! Butterflies! Rivers! Grand Sea!

Were not any of you expecting me?!

Do any of you see me at all?! Can you hear me?!

But no, nobody paid any attention to him.

He was offended by so much ignoring and

didn't know what to do.

He shouted, shoved them, shook them, but….

No …. Things were quite different.

They were neither inattentive

nor selfish. Our oxygen was invisible.

He just found out that he neither had color,

nor odor, nor shape,

nor was he even visible. He became dejected.

He sat on the seashore, gazed at sea and wept.

He told God:

Dear God, why did you create me at the first place?

What would happen if you didn't create me at all?

What is a creature with no color, no smell, and

No shape good for? You created the nature full of flowers,

trees, water, sea, forest, human and all beauties.

What would happen if

Gave me just a little of these beauties, colors or shapes?

Then he wanted to go back where he came from.

What joy was in this life? Could he

Believe in God's kindness or even love God anymore?

Did God love him at all?

These were thoughts that he was busy with,

So busy that he didn't realize when and how he fell asleep.

My dear; did you want to talk to me?

Were you annoyed of me?

Were you displeased by your creation and wanted

to know the secret to it?

Then listen to me carefully and collect your wits my dear.

Do you know what I was thinking about when

I was creating you?

I was thinking about how the world would look like

After you were born?

What beauties will be created through you? How can you

Appear to be useful and how your life will be joyful to you?

Now take this globe in your hand, spin it,

Watch it carefully, and listen to me.

Oxygen took the globe in his hand excitedly

And watched it.

He shook it and the globe began to spin.

He saw a number of people in the globe.

Then God asked them:

"My creatures tell me what you won't be able to

Survive without, if I take it back from you?"

They all answered immediately:

"Dear God, of course it's oxygen, water and food."

Oxygen? Oxygen?

How can I believe it? Do they know me?

They knew even my name!

What does human have to do with me?

Then he gave it a thought but … "but what my dear?"

"But with water and food, they may not need me anymore."

God smiled and said: "Spin the globe."

Oxygen shouted:

"Wow, what a beautiful forest! What trees! What flowers!

What a various collection of animals!" God said:

"You always wanted to be in their place and you wished to be

one of them and you looked at them with desirous eyes.

These are human food." Then Mother Nature asked

The forest and its animals:

"My dear children, tell me what is essential for your life and

You can't survive without it?"

Everybody clamored and said:

"Oxygen and water!"

How can I believe it?

You mean all these beauties need me?

Me, who neither is visible nor has a shape!

Oh my God …

Burst into tears, he could hardly continue.

He was weeping and laughing, weeping and laughing,

suddenly he felt moving up and down.

Waves woke him up and brought him back to the

Real world. But this time he enjoyed the world.

He enjoyed his existence,

His life, trees, flowers, butterflies, rain and sea.

But still he had two questions unanswered in his mind:

Which of us are of greatest importance, me or water?

And as god said, how can I enjoy my life?

I'm sure that there are answers to these questions too,

But this time I wish to find them myself.

But he needed to know more, before finding answers to

His questions.

So he took off to search for his answers.

He spent days and nights one after another.

He traveled on people's shoulders,

on the wings of butterflies and birds.

He rested under the trees and over the waves, and these

Were the best moments of his life.

Now, our oxygen was a couple of years old.

He had gone to many places, seen so many things

and had so many new experiences.

He had met other natural gases and now life

had a different meaning for him.

Each day of life meant a new experience to him and

Each day added to his knowledge.

On a new day, a day different than other

Beautiful days, he met someone like himself.

Someone with no shape, color or smell,

But different than his kind.

He had a strange feeling about it.

He went forward and reached it:



"I'm Oxygen".

"I'm Hydrogen".

"You look like me, having no color, no shape …"

Hydrogen cut his word and said:

"Yes, I'm useful like you.

I appear in other creatures in different ways like you.

I quench their thirst like you."

"I beg your pardon, but it's not us who quench their thirst.

It's water that makes them fresh and quenches their thirst."

"But this is exactly us.

We mix with each other and form water, and create fog,

rain, river sea and …"

Dear God

If you didn't create me …

And now, here's our mission in life!


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  2. I am just curious how long this poem might be if you continued with this philosophical story any further … Then carbon came up and nitrogen appeared and their formed a wide range of chemicals, some life sustainable like amino acids, some life threatening like poisons or drugs. Sorry, I am just kidding. :)
    And, by the way, how life on the Earth you are describing has become possible with all that beautiful followers, trees and sea if Oxygen has not met Hydrogen. They meet later when plants and animals have already existed. What sort of fluid that vegetable kingdom used to transport nutrients within the plants?
    Sorry, don’t be offended by what I have said. I just point out that some obvious things may be better not to overlook in order to make the writing even more compelling.

  3. I have reread this article carefully. I must admit I was wrong. There is no any illogical assumption. Everything looks pretty good. Sorry.

  4. I think it is mostly about "Love" rather than some chemical facts! If you haven't noticed that yet, I suggest you read it again!

  5. i agrre with mahdi. i think mr. or May be Miss nglish diary is reading it just as abiological fact but the text is focusing on the power of coupleness rather than a chemical fact.Oxygen felt nothingness but she found her greatness and her power beside H2. the story is about the process of completeness in the all natural souls, not the evolution.

  6. i agrre with mahdi. i think mr. or May be Miss nglish diary is reading it just as abiological fact but the text is focusing on the power of coupleness rather than a chemical fact.Oxygen felt nothingness but she found her greatness and her power beside H2. the story is about the process of completeness in the all natural souls, not the evolution.

  7. When I read the passage second time I realized that I missed the gist of the story. It has nothing to do with the evolution.

  8. Really wonderful content, has a magnificent power of pulling readers to the end of this content.

    some may say it is a work of poetry, but to me it is not. A works of poetry has much more to fullfill its structure of expression, the construction.

    But I confess, it gave me immense delight in reading.