Monday, June 1, 2009

Why do not we clone Humans?

by: Amir Payman Kashefi (

Humans are eager to have immortal life. This is by far the most important dream of them. Scientists have been working hard to find out a way which makes them capable of managing this old-dream.

If we are enthusiastic about knowing whether the genetic engineering and cloning are coming to help us or not, we should study it from many different angles.

The scientists are intensely ambitious with the idea of accomplishing this mission in spite of limitations and very serious disagreements. These objections are often come from politicians and religious figures. Some of the religious figures are strongly against cloning because they believe that humans are not allowed to play the God roles. Also they are not qualified for unnatural interference in human life.

Dr Richard Fid, who is for the idea of cloning, was supposed to establish a cloning center. But he was denied.

Bill Clinton and Pope John Paul the second were the other figures who were against cloning and believed it should be banned.

Dolly was the first lamb that was cloned by scientists with its mammal cells. Megan and Murag were the other lambs that scientists cloned them by their mothers embryo cells.

Unfortunately, they could not live more than three years while a natural sheep can be alive for 6 years.

People think that proved genes can help the scientists to eradicate terrible diseases. However the Dolly's death showed that it is not true.

Dolly, Megan and Murag died sooner than the scientists prediction, not because of illnesses, they died because their cells were not young. It means that scientists can use the cells and prove them only when they become adult. So it is clear that the cloned lambs could not be alive as long as their mothers.

Dr Colien Tudje is one of the greatest scientists who was completely against the cloning. Also he had predicted Dolly's impending death in Science magazine 2001 before Dolly died.

He strongly recommended not to clone the humans.

In the end we can conclude that genetic engineering and top of that cloning is one of the most controversial subjects that humans have in this era.


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  2. I think the media has done a lot to convince the public that the very aim of genetic engineering is to clone one day a human being. However, the cloning does not boil down only to get an identical copy of a living creature. There are more practical and vital goals that scientists pursue. And one of them is to grow human organs in a laboratory in order to use them later for transplantation. If you can grown a biologically the same organ, there would be no problem with rejection. There would be no need to use powerful drugs to suppress the immune system and prevent the rejection of transplanted organ.