Sunday, June 21, 2009

Report on job satisfaction of bank employees

This report outlines the result of a survey, which has been recently conducted, of bank employees attitude towards their job satisfaction and working condition. We asked a sample of 300 employees, of different ages and both sexes who are all working in the cashier position of different branches of one bank, these three questions:

  1. Do you think that your salary is equal to your job responsibility?

  2. Do you think you deserve to get a higher position in your organization?

  3. Are you looking for another job or you prefer to continue doing your job until you get promoted?


The vast majority of employees are not satisfied with their salary. And that is why we can see a sheer weariness in employees. Most of them complain that their salary has not increased commensurately with the rate of inflation.


Unfortunately, 72 percent of the employees think that they deserve to get a higher position. It shows that they either are not satisfied with their job or don't have an objective evaluation of their job description, which both mean that they have a forlorn hope to get promoted and if not, they will be completely disappointed with their position.


65 percent of employees, who had expressed their dissatisfaction through the questionnaire, are looking for another job out side of this organization. And the other 35 percent are going to continue their job until they get promoted. This statistic means that the organization will lose some 47 percent of its employees in future and should hire new employees, which is not a good rate of recruiting.


Broadly speaking, the considerable proportion of employees, who work in cashier position, are not satisfied with their job in this bank, which means human resource department has failed in increasing their employees satisfaction. It seems making a revision in their salary system would be one of the best way of increasing their loyalty and satisfaction. In addition, educational programs in order to give them to understand that job promotion needs special skills and experiment and not everyone can get promotion easily, could be considered as another solution for increasing job satisfaction among the employees.

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