Friday, October 9, 2009


“tink lIk a wise mang bt communicate in d lngwij of d ppl” 
William Butler Yeats (1865-1939)

Can you read this statement? . . .
No one knows when exactly chatting on the Net and texting on a mobile phone became popular, but the result of this popularity is a new writing language, called Lingo. 

Why people insist on using this characters, while there are some easier ways to type and Lingo seems absolutely useless, is still unknown; but the fact is that you should expect a text message -like the first line- comes to your cell phone or Email or messenger any moment.

Just imagine what an embarrassment it would be, if someone sends you a message like that and you don't know how to read it! But don't worry, there are several websites, like, which you can use to translate this language. is a translation engine with an enriched database and you can easily participate in making it larger by sending new Lingos.
It can translate your English texts to Lingo language and vise versa. I suggest you try it now!

Copy and paste this statement in the translation box and translate in to English, if you can't read it!
f i had a @}--{-- 4 everytime i thawt of U i wud b wlkN n a @}--{-- gRdn 4e


  1. come on. the lingo has made a disaster out of butler yeats. it is not good in literary language. i was just attempting to understand the line. i was sure that yeats is irish but by the lingo i hesitated that maybe he was german or .... any way that was fun.

  2. What a funny language! Lingo,, and the translation engine is awesome.

  3. come on. i am waiting for a new post from u. everyday just the same as before. please do an active writing. i am really gonna read that